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Application Specialist

Shook and Stone CHTD
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

In this role, The Application Specialist is responsible for assisting clients with the process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. This role involves gathering necessary documentation, completing application forms, and providing guidance and support throughout the application process for the clients seeking representation for their SSD Claim. The Application Specialist will ensure timely and accurate submission of all required materials. 

Key responsibilities include:

· Explain the disability application process & requirements, along with what to expect after the client’s application has been submitted to SSA. 

· Collect and organize necessary documentation about clients' medical conditions, work history, and other relevant factors needed to complete disability application. 

· Submit the disability application on the client’s behalf to SSA. 

· Ensure all forms & supporting documentation are accurate, complete, & submitted within the set timeframes. 

· Collaborate SSD Leadership and other department(s) to identify and work towards improving and efficiency and effectiveness of the Application process from Intake to Application Submitted. 

Excellent customer service and ability to show empathy. 


Education and/or Work Experience Requirements: 

· High school diploma or equivalent required; associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred.

· Previous experience in social security disability, legal assistance, case management, or a related field is highly desirable.

· Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize and multitask effectively. 

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate professionally and confidently with employees at all levels.

· Proficiency in basic computer knowledge and usage

· Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry and record-keeping.

· Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with discretion. 


Physical Requirements: 

· Ability to perform the essential job functions, safely and successfully with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state and local standards, including meeting qualitative and/or quantitative productivity standards. 

· Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance consistent with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state, and local standards. 

Must be able to talk, listen and speak clearly on telephone.